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Branding Services

Your brand is the face of your company. Let Liz help you understand how to communicate who you are and what you stand for through her design services and brand development coaching. Liz believes in understanding your sphere of influence, utilizing free media platforms to their full potential, and making every dollar spent prove its ROI. She offers a free 30 minute consultation; message her today to see how she can improve your brand.


Fine Art Commission

Liz is happy to share her collection of current available work with anyone who inquires. She always invites custom commission work as well. Reach out for a free consultation any time, she would love to explain the process and see if she can help you with your aesthetic intentions.



The studio is where you say it is! Liz loves teaching students of all ages and all experience levels. She is versatile with techniques and mediums, great at communicating with her students, and is sure to flex your creative skillset. Whether you are an ultra beginner just picking up a paint brush or you are a seasoned pro looking for another pair of trained eyes to critique your work, Liz can help you hit the next level of painting or drawing.



“I am a client for life! Liz created my real estate brand from scratch about 5 years ago and without any edits or much input from me, made a logo and entire branding package that fit what I was looking for - to the T. She provided me with font and colors choices, several logo clips, etc for me to use in all my marketing outlets, which has been so helpful. Just recently I needed to rebrand due to a brokerage change and without any hesitation Liz effectively created a refreshed, modern look while keeping the bones of my brand. Again, I instantly loved it. She has also painted custom closing gifts for me, that my clients have thoroughly enjoyed. Liz had been wonderful at communication and extremely efficient each time I've worked with her, not to mention she is very good at what she does. I highly recommend her every chance I get.”

-KC, Real Estate Professional


“AWESOME EXPERIENCE! We worked with Liz and setup Paint and Sip at my house for a group of friends along with my 12 year old daughter and some of her friends. We were so blessed to have found Liz via a referral. She showed up with everything we needed and we all helped with the setup. Soon we were getting our lesson and smiling. Liz took us from believing there was no way we could make a viable painting to astounding ourselves. Our paintings were actually looking like the fruit that we were painting.

The sipping (beer, wine, and/or root beer for the kids) made it even better… Liz took her time with each of us, but never was far from anyone who needed her. She allowed us the space to make mistakes and the brilliance to turn those into characteristics of the painting. There were no mistakes- just happy little accidents that kept us laughing.

I would recommend Liz for a group lesson, paint and sip, or personal/private trainings. She is so full of kindness and encouragement that soon you will believe in yourself as a true artist!”

- TP, First time painter